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ZiggZaggerZ the Bastard 


ZiggZaggerZ a.k.a. Shannon Theus, is a filmmaker, transmedia artist and environmental activist. Surrealist experimental dance films are her preferred medium for storytelling, with a short film entitled The Black Angel of History currently on exhibition in Carnegie Hall. She is author of the two-part zine The Bastard’s Manifesto (2018), in which she calls for the revolution of human identity. Her disability, an acute sensitivity to light, skews her perception of the world towards favoring the dark, the black and the shadows. Her artistry explores radical black becomings, the boasting of disabilities and inventive escapes. She's an avid activist, a thrice elected delegate who brings the Black imagination into local politics. 

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My  principal objective as a transmedia artist is to invoke wonder, and to deconstruct paradigms.

My subjects pertain but are not limited to: 

Afrofuturism, Surrealism, Feminism & Disability 


For performances, lectures and readings,  

or for additional information, please contact 

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