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My Slate, My Tribe

Running for reelection as a delegate has been such an engaging experience. This time, the slate that I am running with has been well vetted; and I find myself in a group of wonderfully minded advocates for Los Angeles.

The entire slate is in debt to Greg Bartlett who worked with a counsel to produce a truly progressive slate of delegates. I’m learning from all of them. We are a spectrum of races and creeds, spanning across ages and regions, a true illustration of Wet Los Angeles county, aka the 54th District.

Each stalemate is impressive, unique and offers something from me to learn from. I feel blessed being among them as I’m learning from them and I do value education in all its forms.

I do verily hope that my entire slate wins, and we can work as a team to implement strategies in our district of Los Angeles that affects change. I’ve spoken to all 13 on my slate and they want the same thing. Such a wonderful tribe.

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