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The Answer: Reason Will Prevail!

I don’t believe in coincidences. This week, after a series of coincidences, involving tie dye, ice cream and coups, I found the answer I’ve been looking for! It came in the form of a book, Reason in History, it’s author George Hegel. This book is grounding my anxiety around running a campaign.

Hegel proposes that course of World history is actually the history of Consciousness or in other words, Spirit. The events, historical and non, are just Spirit unfolding itself through experiences, so it can better understand itself.

We are all just avatars of Spirit, helping Spirit Know Itself. Hegel says, the advancement of Spirit is called Reason.

Spirit is Reasonable, and advances through proposing itself into existence, and then it decides to experience the opposite of itself, to better understand itself fully.

Spirit is a pendulum swinging back and forth. It’s going to be horrible and then amazing, because this is the way for Reason to advance.

The image here is this: Be something, embody it; then you are stagnant, so then you must be your own opposite; embody it; then you are stagnant, so then you must be your opposite, and the back and forth continues (I’d say it would likely resemble a zigzag). The pendulum swings.

My victory, or lack of will be the result of this pendulum swinging. I believe I’m inspired by Reason, and therefore will be led through inspiration (maybe coincidences too) towards a victorious end. But If my opponents are more Spirited than I (pun intended), then that’s just the way the Pendulum swings.

All that said, I am strongly driven. This must be Spirit, so I will devote myself accordingly. I am in this, to win this. Either way, Reason will prevail.

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