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The Performer


Black Cosplay & 

The Dark Cosmos of Becoming

The cosmic world of ZiggZaggerZ the Bastard explores how radical black becomings afford

inventive escapes, reimaginings, and adaptations to markers of disability, gender, and race.


Living with photosensitivity, ZiggZaggerZ inhabits a dark universe that eschews the light of the

sun and its sons. In this talk/performance drawing from her Bastard’s Manifesto, cosplay, and

performance poetry, ZiggZaggerZ embraces interventionist and poetic forms of black alien and

post-apocalyptic expression to explore black feminist spaces of cosmic solace.


“The central fact of Black Science Fiction,” wrote Mark Sinker in 1992, “is an acknowledgement  that [the] Apocalypse already happened: that (in Public Enemy’s phrase) Armageddon been-in-effect.” In this talk I will explore an Afrofuturist ethics of the alien, turning to contemporary dialogues around posthumanism, the anthropocene, and race. As “we” come to terms with the Anthropocene, what might Afrofuturism, as a vehicle for the dangerous dreamings of speculative blackness, teach us about how to live, behave, become in the End Times?

– Accompanying Talk by

Dr. tobias c. van Veen –


Afrofuturism, Apocalypse, Anthropocene: (Alien) Ethics in the End Times
Dr. tobias c. van Veen, University of California, Riverside / Quest University, Canada

The End Times are often depicted as lawless and ethicaly bankrupt, where anything goes in the struggle for survival. Yet, when did the End Times begin? From an Afrofuturist perspective, the apocalypse is not a judgement day to-come, but an event that has already taken place, its effects reverberating as aftershocks in the history of colonization, abduction, and enslavement

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